Augment your sales by sourcing Wholesale purses and bags for less

Augment your sales by sourcing Wholesale purses and bags for less

A cherished and prized handbag never leaves the arm of its owner, making it a kind of a twin soul. Women are inseparable with their many fascinating handbags. Dressing is not complete for an average lady without a fashionable handbag to add some glamour and zing to her appearance.  A woman’s handbag has today become her signature piece marking her style statement. Just as various clothes are worn for numerous events, bags are also selected to suit the different occasions. One bag is never enough as ladies often need different one’s to match their mood, outfit or activity. Tote bag that one takes to work would probably not be suitable for a fine dining evening with friends. It is a common habit for most women to acquire several bags to serve their different purposes. This is why if a woman buys a bag at your store she is bound to return for more. One’s goal should be to please her with an extensive diversity of beautiful choices of colors, shapes and sizes. A woman feels confident and beautiful with smart and chic arm candies. From totes, to messenger bags, to hobos and clutches is the ultimate shopping destination for Wholesale purses and bags, according to respected bag fashion blog This blog guides retailers to some of the best deals on the planet sourcing vendors from across the world with competitive rates and quality products.

Functional Wholesale purses and bags for cheap rates

Fact is that all women cannot afford the fanciest and most flamboyant of bags at high prices every time. They will definitely shop for that one or two designer bags for their wardrobe but will prefer local brands and cheaper quality goods instead. An average woman’s pocket in her jeans or trousers is a little smaller than the average man’s, so everything goes into a bag. While wearing a dress or a skirt it is even more important as she feels more comfortable and complete with a bag to go with it. Hence, women do care about the functionality aspect as well for every day usage bags. Such Wholesale purses and bags can be sourced at At the other end of the spectrum, the flashy kinds which are just for fun and flaunting, to be enjoyed especially during events are also available. Hence, the suppliers are like a goldmine for any bag boutique owner.

Finding reliable Wholesale purses and bags online

The number of bag vendors on the net run into tens of thousands. But quality suppliers are a rarity. is one of the top blogs that will assist you in locating lucrative deals if you are looking at purchasing enormous stocks for warehousing. The website is a directory aligning you with a good supply chain and also proving you essentials on buying basics, how to choose dealers and latest buzzing stories from the fashion industry. Among the various domains that it guides one to, a highly endorsed one for coveted bag trends is

Sourcing Wholesale handbags China for a thriving business

Sourcing Wholesale handbags China for a thriving business

China has always been known for a dominant manufacturing industry. In fact, the global fashion business depends largely on the skill level and dexterity of Chinese production, when it comes to creating high quality brands. When it comes to accessories like handbags, purses and wallets, the Chinese provide top quality production with the most gorgeous pieces created with great craftsmanship. That is why most retailers prefer to buy bulk China made products as they are high-fashion with quality and affordable pricing. There are several vendors supplying the same but due to factors like mass production and duplication, one may chance upon inferior goods. These do not have proper finish or have misspelled label names. They often cannot stand the test of time and rip instantly.  To get a viable deal, one must purchase Wholesale handbags China from trusted vendors like, who are listed in the reputed retailer information site This portal gives one all the latest details and tips on the best goods and suppliers from Asia. It is a directory of sorts and not a place for buying or selling.

What are the types of Wholesale handbags China are available?

Wholesale handbags China suppliers such as host the hottest range of products that will surely entice your customers. This includes beautiful and bright handbags, purses, totes and more for teaming with work wear, casual wear, parties and even formal occasions. They come in different styles from sophisticated classic designs to fashion forward hip looks. One can also buy the fast selling celebrity handbags. The eclectic collection has multi-colored satchels, top handle bags, clutches, cross body bags, messenger bags, hobos, evening bags, and shoulder bags. Additionally, there are bags for carrying to schools and universities as well as backpacks for travelers. They are generally well priced making them ideal for purchasing in huge volumes. One can get both genuine quality leather and patent leather depending on choice. The items feature in synthetic materials, cotton and prints. The sizes are small, large and extra large depending on the sizes that are in vogue.

Why does suggest

Trends are a very important factor in handbag purchase for store and boutique owners. If one doesn’t acquire the latest ‘happening’ style, and then stocks can just sit in your store shelves forever. Outdated designs are hard to get rid of even during clearance sales. suggests suppliers like, keeping in mind some of the biggest trends of the season.  Current hot favorites among Wholesale handbags China include: animal print bags (especially leopard, zebra), celebrity handbags, quilted handbags, studded and gemstone encrusted handbags, polka dotted bags, perforated  bags, transparent handbags, metallic handbags, floral bags, metallic handbags, fringe bags, exotic art bags, denim bags, woven handbags and vintage style bags among others. There are also a faux range with cool effects such as weave effect, croc leather effect and more.  It is truly a great place to source inventory due to its eclectic collection. So head to to connect with the most convenient supply chain!

Why are Wholesale bags China flying off the shelves?

Why are Wholesale bags China flying off the shelves?

Having the ‘it’ bag is the ultimate 21st century object of desire. We are not just talking supermodels and A-list celebs but regular women from all walks of life. Women can go to any lengths for say the gorgeous plum metallic Mariah from Mac Jacobs or a Coffer wonder bag with buttery soft leather from Miu Miu. They make all kinds of sacrifices including eating beans and toast for a month just to save those big bucks for the dream bags! Well, no more harsh sacrifices for your clients because you can give them the most coveted fashions in decent prices with the highest standards of quality. Wholesale bags China is the answer to everything as all the latest designs are crafted to perfection. This is why they are currently the fastest selling bags in the market. Top bag info portal for retailers like recommend Chinese bag suppliers such as for buying the same. One can choose according to design or color and get the complete overview of the available options. Another cool addition to the supplier is its great website which showcases all the handbags, purses, wallets and more. It even has a New Arrivals section to keep one up-to-date and a Sales category to give one an idea on the best bargains available for bargain deals.

What makes Wholesale bags China so desirable?Wholesale bags

Bags have become a unique outward statement of a woman’s status, fashion savvy and earning power. The popularity of ladies bags and purses is in sync with the increasing social independence of their owners. Women today have the purchasing power to pamper themselves with delightful purses and bags. offers Wholesale bags China that suitably complements a woman’s need for gorgeous affordable bags in a wide range of designs, colors, cuts and textures. Due to these reasons the products offered by are very attractive for women, making them the ideal supplier for boutiques and retail stores.

What are the advantages of shopping at

An iconic handbag owes its status not to the advertising strategies, but to the finest traditions of history, quality and craftsmanship. Matching the highest international standards the Wholesale bags China showcased on, offer several positives.

  • One can order in bulk due to the enormous quantity of available stock. Each piece will retain the same standard and there are no inferior products included in the shipment.
  • The products offered have the latest designs incorporating a fine combination of beauty and functionality.
  • Genuine leathers, fabrics and materials are used in the production. Even the faux leathers and patents are of the best quality.
  • All studs, gem stones, zips, clasps and embellishments are of world class grade.
  •  Bulk consignments are shipped for free.
  • They command a good reputation among retailers offering competitive pricing and great variety.
  • Often have special seasonal deals, discounts and special packages.

These are the main advantage of, which is why lists it at the top of the supplier chain.

Vintage handmade handbags are the hottest trend in SS’14

Vintage handmade handbags are the hottest trend in SS’14

A couple of centuries back, a woman’s role was largely domestic as she spent most of her time at home. A lady would keep her belongings like clips, lipsticks, powder cases, perfumes and money in a small purse tucked into the delicate folds of her dress. As women got empowered and started leaving home for leisure and work, handbags became an effective way to carry their possessions. Over time when their trips became international with rail and sea travel, along with leather suitcases, came dressing cases, hat and shoe boxes. Soon the modern leather handbag developed along with these. These became luxurious and coveted and during the late 19th and early 20th centuries most of the famous handbag design houses, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hermes, originated. As women gained financial independence and security, so the handbag industry boomed. The styles of those years are in vogue even today and have made a major comeback this season. Vintage handmade handbags can be bought from retail suppliers like The trusted blog suggested the same for sourcing elegant bags from vintage collections of styles from over a century and even chic styles from the 1940s through the 80s.

Where can one-source vintage handmade handbags?

Bags come and go, but certain ‘it’ bags become eternal due to their stellar qualities. Vintage designs transcend the time in which they were created, like take the legendary Chanel 2.55, which was unveiled in 1955. In fact its name comes from the month and year of launch. Classics such as these have clear, clean lines and are not over-designed thus not looking out of place even today. These bags are a great mix of simple function and super chic. Whether it’s the soft quilting of the Chanel 2.55, the hand stitches of the Hermes Kelly or the finest leather of the Mulberry Roxanne, they are timeless. But the pricing is high and there are not many around. So what can one do to own such styles? But the ladies need not fret as they can have their own versions of gorgeous vintage styles. offers an extraordinary collection of Vintage handmade handbags. Buyers can choose from a variety of styles that will leave their clients at the store smiling from cheek to cheek.

Tips from for buying Vintage handmade handbags states that for shopping for Vintage handmade handbags, it is generally smart to conduct searches era by era. Most sellers list their bags accordingly. Some styles make an appearance across multiple eras but the embellishments and adornments differ. One must thoroughly review all the information to get a low down on the types of popular handbags and the right sources to get the same. One cannot be cheated on pricing either – which depends on demand and rarity. One can either buy the original or a genuine reproduction of the style. Especially be weary of online sellers, as glossy pictures can often be misleading. is a trusted e-store one can buy from.

Wholesale mens wallets – hot styles in cool prices!

Wholesale mens wallets – hot styles in cool prices!

Fashion trends in the handbag industry keeps changing but one segment which has had a constant demand is men’s wallets. In fact even though the styles keep evolving the demand is constant for the little square or rectangular piece of leather. Men have an interesting relationship with the essential must have, call it a wallet, money purse or billfold. On a practical note it organizes a man’s daily needs – cash, credit and debit cards, ID cards, driving license and more. There is almost some sort of physical connection. Keeping aside the practical usage it is also a much treasured accessory representing money, power, and influence. This makes the branding, the finish and quality equally important.  Men normally don’t buy varieties like women who match their outfits. An average guy may have one or two wallets at the most. But there is always a demand for the same as no guy can stay without one. Some women carry wallets too. An efficient bag store must have a ready collection of wallets in a range of colors, textures, designs and makes. For sourcing Wholesale mens wallets, the prominent blog suggests This bag supplier offers different types of men’s purses with value for money.

Different types of Wholesale mens wallets available at

A top pick of fashion suppliers’ directory is, which has a wide range of Wholesale mens wallets. Whether one wants basic models or glamour designer wallets, one has great choices.  Some of the most sought after designs include the following:

  • A simple bi-fold that for carrying essentials
  • Two pocketed slim wallet
  • Stamped leather wallet with elastic band clasp to keep belongings safe
  • Zippered edges wallet with multiple folds
  • Tri-fold wallets with many pockets for carrying several things
  • Novelty wallets with various prints, designs and textures by designer brands
  • Colorful credit card holders made of leather, fabric etc.
  • Wallets with rugged, hard outer leather coving that is sturdy and firm
  • Marbled leather finish, patent leather and other types of outer covering
  • Sophisticated stamped calfskin billfold
  • Woven leather wallets
  • Alligator skin, croc skin (genuine and faux)
  • Flap wallets with multiple folds
  • Modern wallet with money holder and smart phone compartment
  • 10 card carrier wallets

Top suppliers house such kinds of men’s wallets produced by celebrated international brands like Kenneth Cole, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss and Fossil, as well as collections of domestic and local makers.

Why does highly rate is a reputed information source for retailers who have their eye on sourcing credible brands for quality inventory. presents convenient pricing, seasonal deals and packages, and access to multiple Wholesale mens wallets. This is why it is promoted among this segment by the blog. One can browse through the website of the supplier to browse through product range and get all the necessary details for placing bulk orders. In fact one can order a sample before ordering the huge volume to understand the quality of the product.

Mega sale for big inventories : Wholesale bags and totes

Mega sale for big inventories : Wholesale bags and totes

Women love their good old tote bags. They end up buying several of these to match their various dresses, moods, changing seasons and trends.  Women like original, smart, chic and functional totes that prove to be as attractive as handy. Good tote bags generally last long due to the sturdy construction. They are spacious hence being good for carrying diverse items. From books to cosmetics, from cash to jewelry and sometimes even light gym clothing and beach wear… a lot can go into a simple tote! Practically, there’s no one particular use of tote bags and women just love them because of the multiple possibilities. Totes can be used for anything and everything as long as the bag can hold whatever is being placed in it. This is why they are extremely popular and come in various colors and sizes. Since they are considered as heavy duty or rugged bags, they are usually made of nylon, canvas, strong leather and other similar sturdy fabrics. Wholesale bags and totes can be bought in mass from reputed suppliers such as It is a highly recommended vendor being promoted on reliable retailer information blog such as A lot of the products are manufactured in China among other places, where the standards of manufacturing are very high and the fashion quota is maintained.

Wholesale bags and totes available on

There are many different kinds of Wholesale bags and totes available on This includes celebrity styled handbags and totes which are crafted according to bags carried by favorite celebs. From the Julia series to the Halle series, one will find all the trappings to entice your consumers. They come in an array of colors from fuchsia and neon to delicate pastels and the usual tans, olives and greys with rugged finish .There are also sturdy totes for travel purposes which have space to carry quite a decent load of things. These can also be used by women for daily use for taking to the office. Furthermore, the generous size and high quality of shoulder tote bags make them an apt choice for carrying even baby things if young mothers need the same. Hence, every boutique or bag store should stock up on good quality totes to push out to a variety of consumers. If they like your goods, if a guarantee that they will keep coming back for more!

Information on vendors for Wholesale bags and totes

Finding a common space with listings of the various Wholesale bags and totes dealers such as is very convenient. One can thus have all the consolidated information in one place, which makes it easier to make comparisons and cost-benefit analysis while looking at all the options. If one skims through the various recommended options, an excellent choice would be It is a renowned supplier of wholesale handbags, purses and wallets at reasonable prices. Often one can find a few cool pieces with a vendor but when the numbers become bigger, the delivery rates drop. With there is no such issue as they have voluminous inventory that can keep you satisfied.